The Harmony Series

Book 1: Songs Of Harmony

What readers are saying:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book”…”Looking forward to the sequel”…”Insightful”

A planet of psychics. A man with no memory. Being different might just save the world.

From the moment he’s dumped on the planet Harmony, Javin struggles to fit in. Not only was his memory wiped from day one, but he’s also the only inhabitant without psychic abilities. Worried that he’ll be an outcast for good, Javin desperately seeks out someone who can help.

Meldren may be the only person on Harmony who believes in the mind-wiped Javin. Devoted to helping him find his true purpose, Meldren pushes Javin to develop his own strengths. When a powerful force threatens to destroy the planet and everyone on it, Javin’s new skills may be the only difference between life and death.

Songs of Harmony is a captivating fantasy novel written in the style of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series. If you like complex characters, imaginative stories, and deep insights, then you’ll love Andrew Elgin’s debut novel.

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Book 2: Seeds Of Harmony


Mysterious dreams. A civilization in danger. One chance to save them all.

Javin and Meldren are sharing nightmares. In their dreams they see the lives of people who need their help. Javin knows deep down he must bring them to Harmony. This has become their new calling.

On Harmony’s sister planet of Haven, a cultural revolution is underway. Rural communities rejecting the constraints of industrialization have risen up, but the government is out to quash them. When a dark secret affects the children of Haven, Javin and Meldren know they play a role. But can they figure it out before the regime brings their full wrath upon the people of Haven?

Seeds of Harmony is fantasy like you’ve never read before. If you enjoy captivating story lines, complex characters, and deep insights into humanity’s place in the world, then you’ll love the second installment of Andrew Elgin’s Harmony Series.

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Book 3: Ambassadors Of Harmony

A double-edged deal. A planet divided. A negotiation to restore galactic balance or trigger destruction. Javin and Meldren will do anything they can to protect the planet they love. When imperial miners stir up tensions between tech and anti-tech factions, the two heroes must act fast before the warring community tears each other apart. Both sides are more than willing to shed blood for the fate of their mineral-rich home planet.

Another journey begins for Javin and Meldren as they voyage across the galaxy to the imperial capital. They only have one shot to plead their case for the fate of Haven. But the capital city is a far cry from their natural habitat, and it’s impossible to convince officials who refuse to see them.

To save their home, Javin and Meldren must resort to drastic measures and newly-discovered abilities that seem far beyond belief. Ambassadors of Harmony is the third book in a series of lyrical fantasy novels that aren’t afraid to pursue new horizons. If you like intriguing characters, visionary storytelling, and exploring humanity’s place in the natural world, then you’ll love the latest installment in Andrew Elgin’s Harmony series.


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