I write about people who can do things that most other people can’t do. Being able to heal, to move things without touching them, to see heat or cold: these are things which set them apart. (Read Harmony and you’ll find lots of other talents people can have.)

But, the strange thing is, these are things which every one of us can do to a greater or lesser extent. But, because we don’t all do them, that makes the people who can do them seem different. And different is scary.

When people become scared, they often react by attacking that which scares them. So, in my writing, these outliers, these people who can seem to do strange things, are often seen as targets for people who don’t believe they are capable of doing any such sort of thing themselves.

And that’s often the case with superheroes. They can do wonderful things are are called upon to exercise their talents, but without those times of crisis, they are loners, outcasts and the like. They are the obvious examples.

But my interest is in the less obvious ones; the ordinary people who do things not in a crisis but as a way of life. Those, to me, are more fascinating than anything else, because we’d all like to be a superhero, but we’re more likely to be ordinary, with a talent or two which makes us not fit into the norm.

People who read my Harmony books say that they end up wondering what their talent might be. What I would love to happen is that they then spend time finding out the answer to that question and then go on and use it!

That would be wonderful!